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Client Criteria/Musicians
Elephant Road

It was a fun project.
Imran (Guitar, Vocal, Keyboard, Drum)
Mashuk (Guitar, Vocal)
Tushar (Vocal)
Collin Mueler (Bass/Sound Engineer)
Brian (Bass)
Rusho (Keyboard, Drum)
Joy (Drums Synchronizer, Producer/Sound Engineer/Manager)
Trito: ( Scheduler/Manager)
Rupam: Webmaster 


Bengali Film  (Transfer analog to digital)


Pavan Allaghatta (Tabla), Sumon Alam(Vocal), Nirmala(Vocal)  and Vijay (keyboard)

Uncle Ken  have to remix the song

Joy (Guitar, Bass and Drums)

Fazel Harris Vocal Hindi (Karokee Project)
John  Flute
Sumon Alam Hindi Gazal  Transfer from Spool to CD and remix
Sumon Alam Bangla Gazal (On going) This project is half done in India and completed in US
Manik Joshe (Done) Hindi Karokee Project
Preparing IMSOM Archived (On going) Sanjay Subrahmanyam
Bangla Islam (On going) One song by Joy and Mashuk
Banglar Bauler gaan (On going) Transfer spool to cd and remix
ABC Seamless for Denis (Done) Transfer Dat to CD and remix
Mastering live concert Vinayak Torvi- Hinudstani Vocal
Also his original CD (2)
Rajendra Nakod Tabla Solo  
Mastering Ganesh and Kumaresh (Carnatic Violin)  
Mastering live concert
K.R. Subramanian - Carnatic flute)
Mastering live concert of  Sanjay Subrahmanyam (Carnatic Vocal)  
Mastering live concert of of Malladi Brothers (Carnatic Vocal Deuet)  
Mastering live concert of  the VII Anual Aradhona (Carnatic) Minneapolis Local artist
Mastering live concert of great Budhaditya Mukerjee (hinudstani sitar)  
Sumons Project: Outsource music to India and placed final vocal, final mix and mastering in 9volt studio
Shari Wagner Meditation CD produced by Joy and Ravi